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Belgian Restaurant Lieve 

Dining in Amsterdam

Welcome at Restaurant Lieve, where the richness of Belgian cuisine and more than 26 years of experience in Burgundian hospitality meet at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. We offer two ways of dining under one roof. Restaurant Lieve caters for all tastes, whether you’d like to have a quick bite or a full evening dining experience. We present our a la carte menu in different ambiances. Belgian Baroque is a true gourmand way of having dinner. Together with your table companions you share many different small dishes from the menu, divided over three courses. If you wish to have a more chic and elegant night out, our Mrs. Bubbles-ambience is just the thing for you. Four courses in a flamboyantly set table, offering a glimpse into the old chique d’Anvers. Whichever ambiance you choose, we’d be happy to warmly welcome you and make your evening a wonderful experience.

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Our menu

Belgian Baroque

The true gourmand experience: shared dining in a baroque ambiance.


Mrs. Bubbles

Chique and flamboyant. A full evening out in an elegant style.



From abbey ales to trappist beers, and from Walloon whites to Flemish stouts. Plenty of varieties and regions of Belgium are represented in our wide selection. And how about a matching beer to the dishes of your choice? Order our beer pairing!



We offer a variety of wines from around the globe, both from the Old and New World countries. Whether you want a red or white, sparkling or dessert wine, we have just the thing for you. Try our wine-pairing and get a matching wine with every course!



For those of us with allergies or dietary restrictions we have adapted versions of our menu, providing a gluten, lactose or nut free dinner.